In 2012  I travelled to Peru, to celebrate our Grandma’s 100th birthday. We visited Cusco and did the Inca trail.


We all know that Peru is home to some of the best food in the World. But on this particular trip, I had my taste of the nation’s famous soft drink: Chicha Morada.

Little did I realise it was a secret family recipe from 1901.

From that moment I became hooked on the flavour, colour and beauty of purple corn.


I made it my ambition to introduce Chicha Morada to the UK and went about recreating that same iconic family recipe from my own kitchen. 3 years later we managed to get it just right.

In September 2020 we were awarded 1 Gold Star from the Guild of Fine Food for the Great Taste Awards.


The unique flavour of purple maize combined with a unique blend of spices and fruits is unlike anything else on the British market.


Since 2016 we’ve taken our Amaize Chicha Morada to the public, and we’ve had incredible responses at food festivals and farmer’s markets all across the South East. 

In 2020 we decided to create The Original

Chicha Morada Cordial. A concentrated version with a better and more robust flavour.

We hope you love this amaizing drink :))

Jon Cooney - Founder.


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